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Best in Class Features

SpeedGoGo App

Routing & Location Information

Calculating the optimal route by customer locations, time preferences, traffic and weather conditions

Real-time Tracking

Track the route progress and delivery status such as driver's current location to get accurate real-time position

Delivery Assigning Options

Manage your orders by automatic task assigning, dispatching and scheduling

Delivery Notifications

Stay updated by tracking orders with push notifications to manage task status

Big Data Analytics

Analytics Dashboard
Integrate powerful analytics into charts and diagrams to manage delivery performance

Business Data

Increase fleet efficiency and maximize profits with our end-to-end management solution

Shopper Behavior Analysis

To assist you in making performance reviews and to better visualize strategic planning

Social Media Mining

Get valuable insights about your service by social media tracking tools

Web Surfing History

Capture web browser history allows you to effectively analyze business productivity