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Intelligent Retail Omni-Channel  AI Logistics


SpeedGoGo (ACG Member) is a fast growing B2B and B2C AI logistics platform, offering one-stop AI logistic solutions with OMO Sales Ecosystem - EaseSales for merchants with premium delivery needs. 

We are specialized in providing leading on-demand, 4-hour and door-to-door delivery services. With our AI logistics technology, big data solution for delivery arm-and-route assignment, workflow management and OMO Sales Ecosystem, we can satisfy all premium online retailers to delight their customers with door-to-door and same day delivery orders, in high service level and efficiency and at low cost. 

In additions, using EaseSales OMO sales ecosystem allows you to integrate online and offline business and to enhance the delivery services with SpeedGoGo AI logistics. Our system support API integration to multiple retail stores and POS, using AI calculation to estimate: product category/ price/ delivery time/ area to find the shortest logistic route and optimize delivery arrangement, making for a flexible and faster delivery experience. Our advanced batching & chaining technology, enabling us to provide tailored last mile delivery service for any bulk and ad-hoc fulfillment.